All In – Quinn returns from vacation just in time for the start of ‘Everlasting All Stars’, featuring winners and losers from previous seasons. Rachel, having reinvented herself, is determined to make this season memorable.

Double Down – Rachel continues in her pursuit of a “ring,” flirting with each of the contestants and going so far as to sleep with one. She and new producer Tommy work to keep their perfectly planned season from being destroyed by a panicked Quinn.

Wild Card – The first episode of “Passport to Dance” premieres as Everlasting contestants compete to be a guest judge. Alexi, sick of Jay’s condescension, acts out on live TV, causing havoc. Quinn and Chet deal with shocking news.

Cold Call – Quinn deals with the news of her “geriatric pregnancy” and August’s knowledge of the pregnancy. Chet plans his dream wedding and thinks of their child while Rachel and Jay try to save Passport to Dance, harming Alexi in the process.

No Limit – Quinn’s maternal instinct is tested when Chet brings his son to work. The well-being of contestants, their producers, and the show is put at stake as Rachel takes things too far on the set of Everlasting.

Tilt – The Everlasting crew deals with the consequences of the previous episode. Rachel and Quinn double cross each other when the network gets involved. The contestants start to question the lies that Rachel has been telling.

Bluff – Rachel and Quinn go head to head as the betrayals pile up and the contestants become fed up.

Sudden Death – Rachel begins to question her decisions leading up to the finale. Quinn must decide whether to intervene and save the Everlasting finale.


Our Cartoon President S01E11 720p 1080p AMZN WEB-DL H 264-monkee

Season 01, Episode 11 – “Russia Investigation”

Our Cartoon President tries to survive the Russia investigation with Steve Mnuchin’s help while Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer fire up Democrats with a new message.



Are We on the Same Team? – Ghost and Tasha butt heads on how to grieve; Angela pursues the Jimenez Cartel while Kanan goes after Dre’s organization; Tommy confides in LaKeisha about his relationship with Teresi, complicating everyone’s lives.


Marvels Spider-Man S02E06 720p WEB x264-TBS

Season 02, Episode 06 – “Dead Man’s Party”

Eddie Brock, who has emerged with the vengeance-filled Venom symbiote, sets his sights on destroying Peter Parker and everything that is Spider-Man.


Running Wild With Bear Grylls S04E08 720p WEB x264-TBS

Season 04, Episode 08 — “Uzo Aduba”

Dropped amidst snow-capped mountains, Uzo Aduba and Bear move quickly as a storm sets in, sending hail, lightning and flash floods their way. Along the way they come face to face with a poisonous viper, get creative to secure a dinner of field mice, and use a crossbow to zip line across a 250-foot drop. Despite the elements, Uzo shines as she recounts her long road to fame, her family’s emigration from Nigeria, and her pride in representing the American dream.



The Tombs – Jesse tries to get Cassidy out of the Tombs, while Sabina tells Tulip about her history with Jesse and the L’Angelles. In Hell, Satan has a talk with the Saint.


Total Bellas S03E08 720p WEB x264-TBS

Season 03, Episode 08 – “A Bella Bachelorette ”

Nikki plans the bachelorette of her dreams with her family and friends in Paris fit for a classy queen; however, Brie has other plans to liven up the party. Meanwhile, Nikki tries to hide her emotions and anxiety from the rest of the ladies about her upcoming wedding to John Cena.


Big Brother US S20E09 720p HDTV x264-WRCR

Season 20, Episode 09

The new head of household takes power and nominates two house guests for eviction.


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